Designed in California. Loom-woven in the Andes of Colombia



In Colombia ruanas (ponchos) are part of our family tradition.  To cozy up in one of these delicious wool garments is a given.  When I had children of my own wearing a poncho was expected of them. 

As we played around our little town of Cardiff by the Sea, scootering at the park, frolicking at the beach, or enjoying our morning walks, our children were showered with compliments.  The message was clear.  People loved ponchos and wanted one for their own children, grandchildren, or even themselves.  

I teamed up with a family member in Colombia. He traveled the countryside to the mecca of the wool industry and formed relationships with the best known artisans. And voila....we have Mar Y Lana (sea and wool)!

Our goal is to provide you and your littles with the highest quality of poncho while giving back to the communities who have worked so hard to reclaim and preserve their tradition of woven textiles.  

Join us on this exciting journey as we work together to design beautiful ponchos with meaning, style, and purpose!



Mar-y-Lana means Sea & Wool. We are a small family business with roots in Colombia and California, focused on producing small batch textile products using traditional methods passed down through generations.