We at Mar Y Lana are dedicated to giving back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits. 

Together with the help of our artisans and other community leaders, we have chosen a local school to be part of the Pledge Our Profits program.

The school is located about 5km outside the center of town.  This one room school house currently has 11 students in grades 1 though 5. The school receives what would be equivalent to about 70$ US per year.  They have one teacher and a janitor/cook. 

The school is in dire need of maintenance.  The walls are cracking, the playground is falling apart, and desks and chairs need replacing. Worst of all the school is about 20 yards away from an active coal mine.  Being so close to the mine is causing parts of the school property to sink into the ground.  Beyond maintenance the school is also lacking school supplies, food for lunches, and other materials we take for granted each day.

You can feel good knowing that your purchase is not only helping keep the indigenous traditions stay alive, but also supporting the children of this lovely community of the Colombian Andes.