The Song of the Loom

weavers loom

"What happens when we sell so many ponchos that William and Miguel can't possibly make them fast enough?" I asked.

"Then we have a whole town of artisans eager and waiting to help make enough!" my cousin replied.

I thought Sergio was being sarcastic when he answered my question.  But today he confirmed that this is indeed the truth.  It wasn't that long ago that the town of Cucunuba was roaring with the sound of looms.  As William tells it, one could walk down the street dancing to the sound of all the looms working away in all the homes. 

But now the majority of those looms are silenced.  The men who once manned them work in the fields pulling up potatoes or in the coal mines where conditions are dangerous and unhealthy. 

In my fantanstical mind with it's endless positivity MarYLana will one day bring these looms back to life. The coal stained hands will awaken the dusty looms and the streets will sing loom songs once again!! 

Johanna SwansonComment