Savana Pullover Poncho
Savana Pullover Poncho

Savana Pullover Poncho

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  • Out of stock items will be handmade and shipped to you 3 to 4 weeks after purchase.

  • 50% cotton 50% wool

  • Wash Cold Water- Hang Dry

The pullover poncho is a favorite with parents for the ease of throwing the garment over a child's head without having to place arms in sleeves.  Also a best-seller for those looking for a safe way to keep kids warm in the car seat.

Made by Miguel on his traditional loom in the Andes of Colombia. The fabric is woven using ZERO electricity and carded by hand with dried thistle brushes.

You care about supporting fair-trade as well as investing in pieces that are made to last. This is where Mar Y Lana comes in. For each poncho purchased we donate a poncho to a child in the artisan community.

Our ponchos are measured in inches (front-to-back X side-to-side) A good fitting poncho will measure from about the shoulders to the feet when open. This way when the poncho is folded in half and worn over the shoulders it will hit above the knee. 

Small (51x40)
Small (40x28)
Medium (55x47)
Medium (44x32)
Large (66x47)
Large (48x36)


6-12 months
12-18 months
18-24 months
2/3 Toddler
3/4 Toddler