Fique Clutch - Red
Fique Clutch - Red

Fique Clutch - Red

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Ethically made from the Fique plant that is native to Colombia, this little clutch is made to last.  The natural fibers are harvested from Fique which is similar to Agave and then woven by hand.

Measures about 10x6

Our ponchos are measured in inches (front-to-back X side-to-side) A good fitting poncho will measure from about the shoulders to the feet when open. This way when the poncho is folded in half and worn over the shoulders it will hit above the knee. 

Small (51x40)
Small (40x28)
Medium (55x47)
Medium (44x32)
Large (66x47)
Large (48x36)


6-12 months
12-18 months
18-24 months
2/3 Toddler
3/4 Toddler