Five Benefits of Cooking with Earthenware

Five benefits of cooking with Earthenware 

Our newest collection, La Tierra, is a vibrant selection of handmade, sustainable, and carefully crafted pottery made from Colombia's ancient rivers. These pieces are made from organic clay, no glaze or dyes, just black earth.


What is Earthenware? 

Earthenware is the ancient craft of molding and glazing clay at low temperatures below 1,200 °C. Earthenware comprises the majority of ancient pottery scaling across Europe, Egypt, Rome, and Latin America. Earthenware's most common form is terracotta; archeologists consider this pottery to be the origins of pottery in the Americas, a Colombian culinary prize. 



What are the benefits of cooking with Earthenware? 


Maintains nutritional value 

In metal cooking ware, the flavor tends to get lost during slow cooking. Earthenware pots, on the contrary, allow moisture and heat to circulate through the food during their slow cooking process. When cooking meat in earthenware pots, the clay's thermal lining helps break down collagen and create a tender, fully seasoned, flavorful result. 


Neutralizes the pH level

The natural minerals in the earthenware clay naturally alkalinize the acidity in the food and water. By neutralizing the pH, Earthenware makes food healthier and tastier. 


Helps cut down oil 

Earthenware pots naturally retain oil and provide natural moisture and seasoning, so there is no need for excessive oil or butter. Cooking with Earthenware helps you cut down on fat while still retaining texture. 


Adds more nutrients to your food 

Clay earthenware pots add many essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur to our food, which are incredibly beneficial to our body. The natural nutrients in the clay help our bodies retain the proper minerals and vitamins for healthy function. 


Naturally seasons food with flavor

Like a cast iron, cooking with an earthenware pot naturally seasons food and provides a unique grounding flavor to all of your favorite dishes. 


We are so thrilled to share the culture of Colombia with your kitchen. All of our pottery is handmade with zero electricity and directly supports local artisans honoring ancient craft.