Meet Jeff Jones ! {jeffjonesphotography}

Welcome Jeff Jones to the Mar Y Lana Familia! Jeff is an incredible photographer, creative, and storyteller on a mission to capture emotion, life, and truth within every photo. We are thrilled to interview him on his mission statement, sustainability, and slow life values.    1) What is your mission statement?   My mission is to capture imagery that inspires awe by invoking the emotions of the present moment, helping us to feel in touch with something greater than ourselves.   2) What does sustainability mean to you?   To me, sustainability means operating in a manner that allows for all parts of a given equation to balance in harmony -- both now, and in the future.   3) What...

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Meet Rye {rye.unbranded)

  We are so excited to welcome our newest family member, Rye! Rye is a brand consultant by trade and land steward by heart and ancestry. She spends her time connecting with her animals, the land, and her community—Rye lives and breathes slow life values. Check out our interview below as we dive into ethical living, ancestry, and the beauty of living closer to the ground. What is your mission statement? My mission statement is to be a student and a steward of the earth. You can never stop learning, so my mission is to always be inspired by the land. What does sustainability mean to you? For me, sustainability means being resourceful with what I already have. This means...

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Five Easy Ways to Have an Sustainable Holiday

    It's the most wonderful time of the year, and with this amount of joy and celebration comes a responsibility to celebrate and uplift our people and our planet. During the holidays, American households generate 25% more waste; this is enough to fill 140,000 garbage trucks every week from thanksgiving to new years. COVID 19 has also made it difficult for small businesses to stay afloat, and your support through holiday purchases can help companies remain open in the new year. The choice is ours on how we want to manage our consumption and waste habits during the holidays. Here are a few tips and tricks to make a sustainable holiday season.  Make your own wrapping paper, use compostable...

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Five Benefits of Cooking with Earthenware

Five benefits of cooking with Earthenware  Our newest collection, La Tierra, is a vibrant selection of handmade, sustainable, and carefully crafted pottery made from Colombia's ancient rivers. These pieces are made from organic clay, no glaze or dyes, just black earth.   What is Earthenware?  Earthenware is the ancient craft of molding and glazing clay at low temperatures below 1,200 °C. Earthenware comprises the majority of ancient pottery scaling across Europe, Egypt, Rome, and Latin America. Earthenware's most common form is terracotta; archeologists consider this pottery to be the origins of pottery in the Americas, a Colombian culinary prize.      What are the benefits of cooking with Earthenware?    Maintains nutritional value  In metal cooking ware, the flavor tends...

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Meet Cait {@cowgirl.cait}

    Cait is an incredible businesswoman, social entrepreneur, and founder of Corral West Horse Adventures, a ranch operation comprised of an entirely rescue horse herd. We are so excited to introduce our current inspiration!    1) What is your mission statement?    Save a horse, ride a rescue.    2) What does sustainability mean to you?   For us, “sustainable” means many things. First and foremost, our animals are friends, not tools. Although we use them to produce income, rescue more horses, and allow for us to pay for them to have summers off at cooler temperature pastures, we do everything we can to give them a long and happy life - regardless of how badly they were treated before....

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