Meet Cait {@cowgirl.cait}



Cait is an incredible businesswoman, social entrepreneur, and founder of Corral West Horse Adventures, a ranch operation comprised of an entirely rescue horse herd. We are so excited to introduce our current inspiration! 


1) What is your mission statement? 


Save a horse, ride a rescue. 


2) What does sustainability mean to you? 

 For us, “sustainable” means many things. First and foremost, our animals are friends, not tools. Although we use them to produce income, rescue more horses, and allow for us to pay for them to have summers off at cooler temperature pastures, we do everything we can to give them a long and happy life - regardless of how badly they were treated before. Horses helped humans get where they are today, it’s the least we can do. Additionally, we operate on public land - we practice “leave no trace” values, trail maintenance work, litter removal, and champion good stewardship. Finally, as a rescue advocate, we support responsible breeding, sound management of BLM wild horse herds and try to educate the general public. We love to experience the West as it was in the 18th and 19th centuries: by horseback. For me, personally, I am passionate about vintage and repurposed clothes and accessories and new items that are made to last and timeless. 



3) What does your ideal day look like? 

An ideal summer day when we aren’t in season: coffee on the porch watching the horses graze and the dogs run around without a person in sight, green grass, Mountain views and a river flowing in the distance. A trail ride during the day and a glass of wine at the end of the day sounds pretty perfect, too.


4) What does embrace the slow mean to you? 

 Embrace the slow” has been a great opportunity to look at 2020 with a new, positive perspective. Often it’s been easier to think of 2020 as “embracing the suck”, but I am a glass-half-full type person so “embracing the slow” has been a great chance to reprioritize and take appreciation for what we DO have. I love my business but the COVID world really took its toll on our usual numbers. As a result, we’ve applied for our 501c3 to become a full-time rescue and non-profit because the horses are my true passion. It’s been a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends (make sure everyone is faring ok), help other small businesses out, and explore the American West.



5) Why does slow fashion matter and what is your favorite Mar Y Lana piece? 

My favorite Mar Y Lana pieces would have to be the ponchos - living in the Southwest, a poncho is a staple and perfect for the cooler desert winter mornings and easy to layer without being too much fabric. I love to style ponchos with a vintage concho belt and chambray shirt.

Supporting animals, female business owners and timeless, unique staple pieces go hand-in-hand with our mission at CWHA.