What is Fast Fashion?

We hear these buzzwords frequently in the media: fast fashion, slow fashion, sustainably made, but what do these words really mean? For consumers and companies to be on the same page, it's essential to breakdown the definitions and impacts these movements have on the people making the products and the planet producing the products. 

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Meet Lex {@lex.weinstein}

Meet Lex Weinstein. Lex is a conscious creative, surfer, and founder of Sea and Soil. Lex truly lives out her mission statement to live with radical joy and presence while cultivating space for meaningful play. We got the privilege of sitting down with Lex and talking about land stewardship, spiritual ecology, and the importance of slowing down. Enjoy. What is your mission statement? Cultivating a regenerative earth as stewards of land and sea. My mission statement is not separate from Sea and Soil's because this mission statement is integral to who I am. What does your ideal day look like? Waking up early and grounding down with a cup of tea. I then greet the sun and get into the...

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Tips and Tricks for your next sustainable road trip

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart." -Confucius We are all aware of the joy, realizations, and connections that travel brings. Road trips are a great way to connect with others, ourselves, and the landscapes around us. As much as nature gives to us, we have to give back sustainable stewardship to protect our favorite travel destinations.  Typically, sustainability and travel don't go hand in hand, yet we can change that. Here is a list of quick tips and tricks to make your next road trip more productive for you and the planet.                1. Remember your reusables.   A large part about sustainable living revolves around planning, and road-tripping is no different. Remembering your...

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MEET TRINA {@trinacaryphotography}

Meet one of our dearest ambassadors Trina. Trina is a talented visual story teller and empowerment artist. She captures raw, real, and beautiful moments through the lens of her camera. When she's not capturing stories, you can catch Trina hiking in the woods on Vancouver Island, cooking a homegrown meal, or supporting sustainable slow fashion through her vintage company called Leo Rising.  We had the privilege of interviewing Trina and asking her what her ideal day looks like, her mission statement, and what sustainability means to her. Enjoy!  1) What is your mission statement? You create the life you want to live.   2) What does sustainability mean to you? Using less water, recycling, picking up any litter, investing in pieces...

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A Field Guide for Sustainable Fabrics

"Don't underestimate the power of a vigilant consumer." - Anita Roddick  Fast fashion is for the convenience of the consumer, but we can change that. Knowing fabrics is a great way to decide which garments and products to purchase and look out for. When we change our shopping practices we change corporate practices, as Anita Roddick says, "don't underestimate the power of a vigilant consumer."  Unsustainable fabrics are harmful to the environment, the individuals crafting our clothes, and our health. Our skin is the largest organ on our body and soaks up the materials we wear. Spreading our awareness and consumer habits is a great way to support ourselves and the planet.  Here is a fabric field guide we created on...

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