MEET TRINA {@trinacaryphotography}

Meet one of our dearest ambassadors Trina. Trina is a talented visual story teller and empowerment artist. She captures raw, real, and beautiful moments through the lens of her camera. When she's not capturing stories, you can catch Trina hiking in the woods on Vancouver Island, cooking a homegrown meal, or supporting sustainable slow fashion through her vintage company called Leo Rising. 

We had the privilege of interviewing Trina and asking her what her ideal day looks like, her mission statement, and what sustainability means to her. Enjoy! 

1) What is your mission statement?
You create the life you want to live.
2) What does sustainability mean to you?
Using less water, recycling, picking up any litter, investing in pieces that last a lifetime, paying for quality over quantity, supporting the community and respecting our planet Earth.
3) What does your ideal day look like?
Waking up to the natural light of the day, brushing my teeth and splashing cold water on my face. Enjoying a creamy oat latte as I get some fresh air and embrace the day. Maybe go for a hike, run some errands or attend a market. Hopefully I have a shoot I am looking forward to and get some dreamy evening light to create magic in while I dance and giggle with my new found friends and spend the evening peaking at what we created while enjoying a home cooked dinner with some wine.
4) What does embrace the slow mean to you?
Live life with time... don't always be rushed. When you are rushed you miss out on connections, adventures and what makes life complete. Say yes to things you don't usually say yes to, take risks and embrace fear for fear only helps us grow into something more.
Slow down and appreciate all that this beautiful planet has to offer; next time it rains, watch as the water runs down your window or the way it makes soft rings in the lake. Breathe in the smell of the forest, the vitality of the Earth after it's been nourished. Stop taking things for granted.
5) What is your favorite Mar Y Lana product?
The ponchos! You feel like you're wrapped up in a hug.