Tips and Tricks for your next sustainable road trip

"Wherever you go, go with all your heart."


We are all aware of the joy, realizations, and connections that travel brings. Road trips are a great way to connect with others, ourselves, and the landscapes around us. As much as nature gives to us, we have to give back sustainable stewardship to protect our favorite travel destinations. 

Typically, sustainability and travel don't go hand in hand, yet we can change that. Here is a list of quick tips and tricks to make your next road trip more productive for you and the planet. 


        1. Remember your reusables. 

 A large part about sustainable living revolves around planning, and road-tripping is no different. Remembering your reusables is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and not need single-use plastics. 


Reusable water bottle: A stainless steel water bottle is essential to bring on road trips and vacations. Clean water won't always be accessible, so don't forget to pack multiple water bottles or bring refillable gallons to use on the whole trip! 



Reusable coffee mug: Bringing a reusable coffee mug is essential not only for drinking warm coffee around the campfire but for discounts at gas stations when refilling on coffee or hot cocoa. 


Reusable bags + tote bags: BYOB is popular for a reason. Bringing a handful of reusable grocery bags and tote bags is a great way to reduce the need or exempt plastic bags entirely from your trip! 


Empty mason jars: Bringing a few empty mason jars can come in handy when you stop to buy food in bulk, need an extra water bottle, or need a place to seal in food scraps. A couple of extra jars are great to have as additional containers! 


TO-GO containers: Glass or stainless steel containers are a great way to pass on the single-use to-go boxes at restaurants. Bring your extra Tupperware that can also be used as plates and bowls! 


Reusable utensils: Bringing your own cutlery set is a great way to eliminate plastic use on your next road trip. Always keep a set in your car to feel prepared and ready to eat. Remember your reusable straws too! 



      2. Use biodegradable soaps and conditioners. 

When camping, remember to wash your dishes with biodegradable soaps and never put toxic soaps in waterways. Dr.Bronners  serves as great biodegradable dish soap and body soap alternative. Remember to never wash dishes directly in a lake or stream and dump any dirty dishwater at least 20 feet away from any water basin.  

Outdoor showering is also a great way to swap some products to be eco friendly and camp friendly. Shampoo and conditioner bars are great for packing and the planet! 


      3. Shop and support local 

Voting with our dollar is one of the best ways to keep small businesses afloat and show your support—research which restaurants along the way are local, family-owned, or small town relics. 

Supporting local is one of the easiest ways to become a conscious traveler while having an authentic experience along the way! 


      4. Don't Caravan, Carpool! 

One car is better than three when it comes to minimizing gas usage and cutting down carbon emissions. Carpooling is a great way to get to your destination even faster by avoiding traffic in the carpool lane! 


     5. Remember to be a steward of the land. 

Learning the practice of outdoor ethics is essential for any outdoor enthusiast. Learning the Leave No Trace ethics and seven different pillars is a great way to make your trip more sustainable and ethical. 


1) Plan and prepare 

2) Travel and camp on durable surfaces 

3) Dispose of waste properly 

4)Leave what you find 

5)Minimize campfire impacts 

6)Respect wildlife 

7)Be considerate of other visitors 


Becoming an eco-conscious traveler is a great way to honor yourself and celebrate our planet and the places that we have the privilege to explore.