Meet Rye {rye.unbranded)


We are so excited to welcome our newest family member, Rye!

Rye is a brand consultant by trade and land steward by heart and ancestry. She spends her time connecting with her animals, the land, and her community—Rye lives and breathes slow life values. Check out our interview below as we dive into ethical living, ancestry, and the beauty of living closer to the ground.

What is your mission statement?

My mission statement is to be a student and a steward of the earth. You can never stop learning, so my mission is to always be inspired by the land.

What does sustainability mean to you?

For me, sustainability means being resourceful with what I already have. This means giving products as many lifecycles as possible, being conscious of what I can create myself, and when needed, to consume and shop ethically and sustainably. Sustainability boils down to mindfulness and being aware of your habits and the abundance already around you. Self sufficiency is really important to me. Growing your own food, sewing your own clothes, and knowing how to have the skills to be self sufficient goes a long way. 

How did your journey in sustainability start?

My grandparents were Mexican farmers and led by example, they were always on their knees in the garden, and every time we went to their house, conversations surrounded what they planted that season. Talk about slow living; they were the catalyst for my passion for sustainable living.

What does embrace the slow mean to you?

For me, embrace the slow means being mindful. Being mindful of your values, priorities, and unlearning what society told you as the "right" thing to do. I am so grateful for listening to myself and choosing a slow lifestyle over the fast-paced mentality. From the moment I wake up, I spend time with the animals and connect with them throughout the day.

As for my consumer decisions, I try to be extremely conscious of how I vote with my dollar. I usually ask myself, can I make this, can we buy package free, or can we purchase it used?

What do you think your animals have taught you?

Patience. Learning how to slow down and listen to them, for example, Lefty is spooked easily, and Ellie likes her belly rubbed and learning all of their subtle nuances is from being patient. Horses are so special because they can feel your heartbeat- when your anxious, they're anxious, or when you're sad, they're unhappy. Animals are mirrors, they can teach us so much about ourselves. 

What advice would you give to anyone starting their sustainability journey?

First of all, welcome. We are so happy you are here. Gratitude goes a long way with sustainability, being grateful for what you already have can save the planet and your wallet. Be grateful and resourceful with the abundance that's already around you.