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Cardiff, California                     Oahu, Hawaii                     @mayaaharrison


Maya Harrison is a writer, surfer, and enthusiastic environmentalist. When she is not in the water, she either has her hands in the soil or is working on her next poetry collection. With her roots in Cardiff, California her heart will always be in the ocean and protecting our blue playground. 

What is your mission statement? 

My mission statement is to connect people to the earth through food. To bring people back to their roots (literally) of where they are from and where their food comes from. We are so disconnected from our planet and we don’t see all that she provides for us, my mission is to bring people back to noticing everything from where their food comes from, where their clothes come from, and everything that this planet provides us. 

What does sustainability mean to you? 

Sustainability to me means to sustain, to last a long time.. It not only pertains to the environment (although that is a huge part), but it also means in your personal life, your spiritual life, and your professional life. I always ask myself, could I be doing this in 5+ years time? Does it mutually benefit me, my community, and our planet? Sustainability spans far more than our environment, it is all interwoven from the economy, culture, and environment. 

What does your ideal day look like? 

My ideal day starts with a morning surf, getting in the water first thing to spend time in nature, with my community, and move my body. Then the rest of the day is spent in the garden and growing food. I find myself most grounded with my head in the clouds and hands in the soil. Winding down the evening with cooking a meal for my friends and family, spending time with my community, and gathering people with food. 

What does slow fashion mean to you? What does the S L O W  L I F E  mean to you?

Slow fashion to me means sustainable clothes. Slow fashion not only helps the environment but the people making the product, the fabrics they are made from, and the longevity of the item. Slow fashion is caring more about the people rather than profit and that is exactly what Mar Y Lana prioritizes. 

The S L O W  L I F E to me means to live in the present moment with no need to rush to the future or hold onto the past. It means to savor the little things in life and appreciate the very things that make us human- walking, eating, connecting with nature, connecting with others. 

What is your favorite Mar Y Lana product? 

Because of my recent move to Hawaii, my favorite product is the media diamante throw blanket. I use it for everything- from sleeping to mediation. It makes a great beautiful accent to any bedroom and is such high quality, that I use it to lay on my long beach days. I pride myself on my minimalism and this blanket has become one of my essentials!