Meet Chris // @presidentpapi

1) What is your mission statement?
A great idol of mine always said, "Have as much fun as possible!", and it's hard to argue with that. I totally realize that life is not always fun, but the best way forward is to deal with the lows and the hard times as they come; don't spend all your time worrying about what might happen, and keep your head up. We all go through it and so it's important to be there for others when they need it and they'll often be there for us too. Once you deal with the tough stuff, well, then it's back to enjoying life to the fullest. Deal with it, then move on. Don't wallow in misery, don't surrender to fear...even if you take a beating you've got to paddle back out there and try again (shaka). 
2) What does sustainability mean to you?
On a personal level, I have become more and more conscious of my footprint over the years and actively try to consume in a way that is the least harmful to the planet. So I buy local food and products whenever possible and I always try and find the items with the least amount of plastic packaging and made of ingredients or materials that are sourced ethically. This year we planted a big vegetable garden and have been buying the majority of the rest of our food from a local farm. In general, it means being aware of efficiency as opposed to waste. Caring for the planet is one of my core values so it is at present in all of my decisions, and I am happy to see more and more people tuning in and how many options are now available that foster sustainable systems. 
3) What does your ideal day look like?
Well, that depends on the place. I now live in Colorado so my ideal day is different than when I lived in California. Surfing is hands-down my favorite activity, so any day that I can surf is already fulfilling a giant part of an "ideal day". Regardless of the place, being outdoors is such a blessing that no ideal day is complete without the outdoors. Here in Colorado that means going for a nice hike with our two dogs, spending some time in the garden, and then enjoying the sunset. In addition to that, I love to cook so it's a pleasure to have friends over for dinner and wind down together. Also, if I can get 30 minutes to practice guitar and another 30 minutes to read a book, I'm very happy. 
4) What does embrace the slow mean to you?
Honestly, that's what the past few months have been all about! As the world went into shut down I realized that it was important to truly let go of all the distractions and go inward. I would say that it has been a period of yin energy for me, whereas my life before was mostly yang. I used to travel so much that I often found the most stillness when I was on a plane, or in an airport for a layover, or driving across the country, being in motion was so constant that it felt like it's own form of stillness. Other than that, 'embrace the slow' to me is accepting all the things that happen along the way. If we only focus on getting "there" or getting this "done" that we may overlook some of the lessons and blessings along the way. If you're out in the water and you're impatient with the long-period south swell and all you can think about is how many waves you're not getting...well then you take for granted that you're in the water, and that there is swell, and that the days are long, and that, ultimately, life is pretty damn good if you're out there.
5) What is your favorite Mar Y Lana product?
I can't just choose one! Haha, but seriously I love them all :)