Why Wool? - An ancient fabric for modern-day solutions.

Why Wool?

Consumers are becoming more concerned with the materials behind the product they are purchasing. Sustainable clothing and conscious consumerism empowers individuals to buy responsibly. 

Sustainable textiles are one of the leading ways to transition to slow fashion. Knowing the benefits of your fabric and its impact on the planet can reduce waste, encourage brands to produce with purpose, and increase the lifecycle of any product.

One of the oldest fabrics still deems to stand the test of time - wool. Wool is biodegradable, can be produced organically, and is exceptionally renewable. It is not only sustainable, but it is durable and dependable. Wool has natural wind and water repellency, it cleans itself with its microfibers, and it is a natural temperature insulator.

The International Wool Textile Organization (IWTO) regularly invests in scientific research of wool's environmental credentials. Sheep play an essential role in the carbon cycle. Sheep naturally grazes and fertilizes pastures, and stores carbon in their coat (50% of the weight of wool is pure organic carbon). Three layers make up this incredible fabric:

1) The first, keratin, is a moisture-loving protein that all animal hair has. It is designed to maintain a stable body temperature. That's why it keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer!⠀

2) The second layer is a scaly covering. The overlapping scales are tiny, but as they rub against each other, they push off the dirt. So it is self-cleaning, great for kids!⠀

3) The third layer is a film that keeps the rain out. Wool is water-resistant; think about how sheep spend long hours bracing the outdoors!

We can learn a lot through biomimicry (imitating the models, systems, and elements of nature to solve complex human problems). Using wool is an ancient solution for modern-day problems.

Choosing fabrics wisely is a new paradigm for the slow fashion movement and conscious consumer. When we become educated on product materials, we are empowered to purchase with a purpose for a better tomorrow.